The dream of the 90s is alive and well...EVERYWHERE!

But 90s music was more than just angst and grunge.  It was sugar-pop choruses, gangsta rap, boy bands, girl bands, one-hit wonders, punk guitars, and...Oasis.  Hit Me 90s is the all-live tribute to the decade that brought you everything from "Gangsta's Paradise" to "Been Caught Stealin'".   Hit the dancefloor and sing along to the childhood favorites you've forgotten about, and re-live the moments you and your millennial friends will never forget. 

Hit Me 90s knows how to get a crowd going, and keep them on the dancefloor singing along all night long.  They've actually been on stage together as an 80s cover band (Mara & The Big Rockstars) since 2005, and are thrilled to be bringing a whole new generation of hits to their fellow Gen-Y fans.  The energy is real because the players and instrumentation are real - no tracks here!  They create live arrangements of even the most synth-poppiest songs, and invent mash-ups that surprise and delight audiences of all ages.

Hit Me 90s - For One Night...You Can Stop Believin'!

Britney "Left-Eye" Aguilera: (Mara) leads the party with power-pop vocals, a passion for the audience, and a true love for all things 90s.

Fave 90s song: No Rain - Blind Melon
Fave 90s TV show: Beverly Hills 90210
Fave 90s memory: My first AOL account (Hugs4All) and the sound of Instant Messenger
Chazz Starr: (Pancho) embodies the boy-band spirit and creates the magic behind the music with awesome keyboard parts and vocal harmonies.

Fave 90s song: These Are The Days Of
                          Our Lives - Queen
Fave 90s TV show: Friends
Fave 90s memory: My first high school rock band
Suge White: (Joe) hails from the Westsiiide, and keeps the groove on the bass while singing leads and harmonies. 

Fave 90s song: Get What You Give - New Radicals
Fave 90s TV show: Seinfeld
Fave 90s memory: Being at school on the border of Compton during LA riots. 
Mookie Blaylock: (Flint) is our Grunge God.   Deal with it.

Fave 90s song: Groove Is In The Heart - Deee-Lite
Fave 90s TV show: South Park - Scott Tenorman Must Die (look it up, you'll thank me)

Fave 90s memory: When I was in Nirvana and we single-handedly destroyed hair metal - putting countless overweight, mullet-sporting, spandex-wearing has-beens out of business.
Wayne Grohl: (Jon) keeps it all together with backing vocals and on the drums, where it's always party time.  Excellent!

Fave 90s song: Come Original - 311
Fave 90s TV show: NYPD Blue (Andy Sipowicz is GOD!)
Fave 90s memory: